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About us


"TEHETALON" company is located in Zelenograd, Moscow. It’s specialization is the provision of services relating to the extension and type approval of measuring instruments. Work is performed by specialists with practical experience more than 10 years. During this time, we were able to complete hundreds of orders from small companies and large manufacturing organizations.


We provide full support at any stage. As required, experts will conduct a personal consultation for answers to any organizational questions and General information.


Depending on the country, which has implemented a mandatory certificate, metrological supervision can be different. However, the essence of the state supervision remains the same is providing a comprehensive validation error in the measurements, taken in the field of surveillance and state control with the use of metrological relevant rules.


We guarantee positive results due to the comprehensive preparation that takes into account all the little things. The cost of the services offered by us, is one of the lowest in the region.


Accreditation for the right of verification and calibration. List of documents needed for accreditation. The accreditation for calibration of measuring equipment.


The company "TEHETALON" specializiruetsya on the provision of services related to the approval and renewal of type of measuring instruments. Our experts are ready to provide a full range of services to make your means of measurement in state register of any CIS country.


The verification of measuring instruments, according to the official requirements of the state legislation, should be carried out only in accredited organizations. We have official permission to perform such operations by providing professional services in the shortest possible time.


The company "TEHETALON" to work on development permits for any type of product. We conduct certification of equipment of any complexity.


One of the core services of the company "TEKHETALON" is the provision of services related to assistance in obtaining documents in the field of environmental security.


We offer the best conditions of certification in Russia. We ensure that the process of certification of Your production will take place quickly and efficiently. You need only to contact us in any convenient way (via the Contact section or leave a Request). The rest will be taken care of by our professionals.

In accordance with Federal Law No. 412, activities related to accreditation of organizations for the right to conduct verification/calibration of measuring instruments, transferred to Federal Agency of accreditation. To accredit the laboratory, it is necessary to refer to the criteria to be met by the customer in the relevant regulatory documents.


The "TEHETALON" company offers potential customers assistance in the procedure of accreditation of the laboratory for the right of verification and calibration of measuring instruments. The result of cooperation with our specialists will be a special certificate confirming the right to carry out calibration and verification of measurement means.

In order to successfully pass the accreditation in the relevant authority must develop and prepare a package of documents. The accreditation for calibration involves several stages.


The final result of ordering from us is obtaining official permission to perform work on calibration of measuring equipment for various purposes and levels of complexity. The average term obligations for assistance in accreditation is 1-2.5 months.

By itself, the type approval of measuring instruments is a formal decision made by the experts of the Federal Agency for technical regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart). If this organization will make a positive decision, the measurement tool receives a unique number.


In parallel with this procedure, the authorities put it in a special register. The end result for the applicant is obtaining the official certificate confirming the approval of measurement means. To this document create a special application containing a detailed description of the measurement means species.