Поверка и калибровка приборов и средств измерений (СИ)

The calibration of instruments and measuring instruments, according to the official requirements of the state legislation, should be carried out only in accredited organizations.

By itself, the verification of measuring instruments is a mandatory procedure, which includes a series of tests, which gives the possibility to confirm the conformity of the specifications set parameters and rules of Metrology.

As a rule, calibration of measuring tools, measuring instruments and other equipment is performed in the following cases:

  • after production, but before the sale;
  • after scheduled maintenance or complete restoration;
  • according to the state schedule in the course of operation of the device.

State regulatory standards thoroughly resolved all issues concerning the procedure of verification of measuring equipment. The law does not allow the practical operation of the devices that have not been regulated test, or do not work correctly after the adjustments. However, it is possible to encounter situations in which verification is not mandatory, and is performed only on a voluntary basis. Such a scenario is quite likely in situations where one or the other device is not included in the official list of equipment parameters which is necessary to control the relevant regulatory agencies. But even here the company will not be able to avoid checking, because at the legislative level, the need for calibration.

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Verification and calibration of measuring instruments – a guarantee of effective performance of tasks

Calibration of measurement equipment and measuring instruments is one of the core services of the «TEHETALON» company. We have official permission to perform such operations by providing professional services in the shortest possible time.

The catalogue of our company includes four types of verification:

  1. primary. Is part of production equipment at Russian enterprises, or receiving from abroad. The testing affected each instance from the party. At the same time no matter where the equipment was manufactured in Russia or abroad. In some situations allowed custom calibration;

  2. periodic. It is performed several times, according to the established government the period since the last execution of calibration;

  3. extraordinary. Conducted after successful completion of rehabilitation or repair works, the loss of the official certificate of verification or a possible mechanical interference with the structure of the equipment, causing settings to be violated;

  4. inspection. Its implementation is necessary in order to determine compliance with the metrological characteristics of the equipment stated earlier. Performed only the specialized organization, which has appropriate accreditation. Please note: deciding to use the services of non-accredited company, the customer will lose a lot of money and time, as will in fact have to spend again due to the lack of legal force of documents issued by non-accredited firm.

If you wish to receive the highest quality and efficient execution of services related to verification of measuring instruments, it is recommended to contact representatives of the «TEHETALON» company. Efficiency of work performance, affordability and full compliance with regulatory requirements – we are always happy to provide all this.

In addition, our employees may also be requested calibration. This is a set of operations to confirm compliance with the current metrological measurements stated standards. Compared with calibration, calibration testing provides validation of the category systems of measurement that are not included in the state register.

Calibration also incorporates the functions that were performed earlier at the departmental verification and metrological certification of measuring instruments.

If the essence of verification lies in the fact that the operation is obligatory and checked by representatives of the State metrological service, the calibration is built on a voluntary ambushes. It may be performed for internal metrological Department, or at the request of certain company.


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