Approval of measuring instruments types

Утверждение типа средств измерений (СИ)

Type approval of measuring instruments

What is a certificate of type approval measurements?

By itself, the type approval of measuring instruments is a formal decision made by the experts of the Federal Agency for technical regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart). If this organization will make a positive decision, the measurement gets a unique number. In parallel with this procedure, the authorities put him in a special register. The end result for the applicant is obtaining the official certificate confirming the type approval of measuring instruments. To this document create a special application containing a detailed description of the type of measuring instruments.

Renewal of certificate of measuring instruments

According to the requirements of the law, the formal validity of the certificate is five years in mass production. The document may also be indefinite if it is approved for a single measurement.

In the framework of serial production of the official validity of the prepared testimony may be extended for another five years. In this case, the relevant Committee is not conducting tests.

To extend the validity of already issued certificates of type approval of measuring instruments, it is necessary to ensure that all of the criteria below are met:

  • the expiration will occur not less than forty days from the date of filing the application;
  • no complaints;
  • during production, the company has not made any changes in design and technical documentation, which in varying degrees can affect the metrological characteristics;
  • the company has not made any changes in design can have a strong influence on the correctness of the metrological characteristics.

By itself, the certificate of type approval of measuring instruments is not a unique invention of Russian experts together with parliamentarians. The analogue of such a document successfully fulfills its function in a number of other countries. Depending on the country, which has implemented a mandatory certificate, metrological supervision can be different. However, the essence of the state supervision remains the same – providing a comprehensive validation error in the measurements taken in the field of surveillance and state control with the use of metrological relevant rules. Thus, a certificate of type approval of measuring instruments is a direct proof that the equipment provided by the company running absolutely fine, and it may not show inaccurate figures.

The documents

To test within the type approval of measuring instruments must present the following documents and other means:

  • sample of technical means;
  • technical documentation for the device;
  • GOST or Declaration, which included a set of permits on the basis of the application of the device;
  • pictures of the device made.

To extend the validity of already issued certificates, you must be sure to bring the following documents:

  • the original version of the previously issued certificate;
  • a description of the type of means of measurement that you want to extend the validity period of the certificate. A description of the type of measuring instruments is an Annex to the certificate.
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The advantages of using our services

The «TEHETALON» company specializiruetsya on the provision of services related to type approval of measuring instruments. Work is performed by specialists, practical experience is more than 10 years. For all the activities we were able to complete hundreds of orders from small customers and large manufacturing organizations. The final cost of the work depends on their type (design from scratch or renew your certificate). (Here removed about duties).

All operations on type-approval measurements are carried out under the key. We provide full support at any stage. As required, experts will conduct a personal consultation for answers to any organizational questions and General information. The cost of the services offered by us, is one of the lowest in the region. We guarantee positive results due to the comprehensive training that takes into account all the little things.

Recognition tests of instruments CIS

Recognition tests of instruments CIS

The CIS countries have their own procedure for type approval of measuring instruments. On the one hand, it strongly resembles the domestic circuit, on the other – here was implemented a large number of differences.

Our experts are ready to provide a full range of services to make your means of measurement in state register of any CIS country.

Such work can be organized in two ways. The first is the recognition of the type approval due to good interstate relations with the Russian Federation. This method is suitable only for those companies whose measuring instruments are manufactured exclusively in Russia. Based on signed international agreements, countries should make their own arrangements for recognition of type approval. It is worth noting that the legislation does not specify the exact timing of the execution of such works. "Constantly giving itself felt", it is possible to provide acceleration of works. In this case no one is interested in "stimulating" except the customer. Our company is able to solve this problem, making it impossible to miss important contracts, when the company is waiting for. Due to their own ties to relevant bodies, as well as worked out scheme of cooperation, the employees of the «TEKHETALON» company can guarantee a minimum time for the execution of works.

There is another scheme, when measuring instruments, manufactured on the territory of CIS countries must undergo an official inspection on the territory of Russia. When self-performing work will also have to spend a lot of time. Therefore recourse to the «TEKHETALON» company will minimize time and financial losses.

If the measurement is made not on the territory of Russia and CIS countries, to recognize the type approval will be impossible. However, we are prepared to provide approval in the CIS method for the verification of measuring instruments for further approval.



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